A 1998 sand storm that began in China and Mongolia caused

  Cotton and Cashmere are two well-known clothing fabrics. Cotton is the most popular fabric with positive attributes such as soft, breathable, and affordable price. Cashmere is known as diamond fiber for its super softness, comfort, and pricy. Both are natural fibers which are clearly seen as being more environmentally friendly. How green are they? The following facts and incredible numbers make you feel what is behind the scene.CottonThe traditional cotton consumes approximately 25% of the world's insecticides and 10% of the pesticides. Cotton production uses more chemicals per unit area than any other crop.

In addition to those applied chemicals, much water is necessary for the irrigation and these chemicals are easily infiltrated the soil and water. Even more, seven of the top 15 pesticides used on US cotton crops are listed by the EPA as potential or known human carcinogens. When you have an irritated skin, have you ever thought about the chemicals on your skin? CashmereMost of people know a lot of super features in cashmere, such as supreme soft and warm. Few people have an idea on the serious environment effect from cashmere production.Before further discussion, cashmere production primer is summarized with courtesy of U.N. Environment Program from Asian Development Bank.

Cashmere is combed each spring from the beneath the coarse outer hair of the goat. It takes 2 – 3 animals to produce a sweater, twice that for a sport coat. About 70% of cashmere is produced a year in China. The main production area is in Alashan Plateau near Mongolian border. The number of goats soared from 2.4 million in 1949 to 25.8 million in 2004 which turn China's grasslands, the world's third-largest, into desserts. The desert expanded by an area larger than Netherland within 5 years from 1994-99.

A 1998 sand storm that began in China and Mongolia caused air pollution warnings in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and British Columbia. With the US high demand, the over-herding not only changed a pricy Cashmere look into an affordable Wal-Mart sweater but also turned the grassland into the desert. Now China realizes the environment effect from the cashmere manufacture so the relevant agricultural policies are set up to regulate the production. Another factor for the environment damage is the goats themselves.

Unlike common grass or plant eaters, Nylon Fabric Manufacturers they are expert forager. They graze down to the lower level and pull up the root to eat. It also happens to the seedlings that the goats nibble at the bark which transports nutrients to the trees. So once the bark is damaged, the trees will die. Clothing is not just for wearing when you have some worthy knowledge. The other eco-friendly fabric is worth of being paid more attention, such as silk, organic cotton.

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This can also be used in the paper industry too

  Well, here is the perfect solution for you. Testex has introduced their latest product, bursting strength tester to measure not only the strength of woven and non-woven fabrics, but also the strength Digital Printing Fabrics Factory of the papers you use.Fabric industry is one of the best and dominating industries existing in the world today. Many companies have involved in this industry because of the limitless profits it makes. Therefore when it comes to fabric industry, each and every part is really important. When it comes to the purchasing of fabric, the first thing people look into is the quality of the fabric. Strength of the fabric is one of the main elements we consider in the fabric quality.

Therefore it is important to get correct and accurate readings on strength of the fabric. Bursting strength tester will be the perfect application that you can use to fulfill this purpose.Bursting strength testercomes to the market with the latest technology and some amazing features which will help you to get the best possible accurate results. When we consider the design of this machine, it can be regard as a very simple and easy to use, user-friendly design. This comes with a digital display which can be used to read the pressure readings you get through the machine.

This will allow you to control the pressure you exert on the material you test. The hydraulic application board loading bay and the rubber diaphragm placed on the board are two of other important parts used in the bursting strength tester. These two parts let you to exert more pressure on the testing material without any trouble; so that you can reach the extreme points too. The above mentioned features are only a few you get through this machine.As it is mentioned in the above, bursting strength tester is not a machine that can only be used in the fabric industry.

This can also be used in the paper industry too.Similar to the fabric industry, paper industry also is a very important and profitable industry in the world today. The features and the latest technologies used in the machine can be used to measure the strength of the papers you manufacture. This will allow you to supply the best products for your customers which will give you a solid customer base in return. If the strength tester you use gives you false measurements, that will pave the way for lots of issues. Because the fabric or the papers you dispatch from your factories, might have less quality in them. That willcause to the fall of your customer base. So it is important to use a machine or a strength tester which will give perfectly accurate measurements and results.

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